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Eurocob srl is an italian company that produces water dispenser for home use, offices, restaurants, school and public istitutions. Connected to the main water, will provide filtred water, cool water and carbonated water. So stop with the inconvenience caused from the purchase of the expensive bottle of water, their storage, the transport and  all those inconveniences that everyone knows well. How many miles along a bottle of water to quech our thirst?  It is estimated that in Italy there are 300,000 trucks needed to transport up and down five bilion bottles consumed annauly. A significant environmental impact, considering that for the production of a plastic bottle takes three liters of water, in addition to greenhouse gas emissions. Tap water costs up to a thousand times less, is controlled several times a day and may be due the EUROCOB water dispenser that allow the water to be filtred cool and carbonated.