More than 20 years
of experience

Founded in 1997, Eurocob with a constant growth and development, getting during the years a good importance in the production of refrigeration and water supply.

Pushing on the production capacity, to the commercial dynamic demonstrated and on the new trends of the market, the company expanded its catalog by increasing the number of lines of equipment for cooling and carbonation of beverages, introducing in the water dispenser other various options such as: Supply of fruit juice from a concentrated of fruit and also the possibility to supply beer or wine.

Eurocob uses only the best components to have an excellent product and has always been synonymous with quality.
Everything is planned, designed and produced in the company, with the care of every detail to satisfy the most costumer needs.
Eurocob uses only the best components to have an excellent product, and has always been synonymous of quality. Also in Eurocob we believe that the satisfied customers are the real assets of the company, and for that reason the competence of the staff is able to offer the requirement of the customer: from the administrative office and commercial levels, from technical to marketing, there is always an answer to their question.

We care about the earth

It is estimated that in Italy there are 300,000 trucks needed to transport up and down five bilion bottles consumed annauly. A significant environmental impact, considering that for the production of a plastic bottle takes three liters of water, in addition to greenhouse gas emissions. Tap water costs up to a thousand times less, is controlled several times a day and may be due the EUROCOB water dispenser that allow the water to be filtred cool and carbonated.
Every 25 1.5-liter plastic bottles
we release 6Kg of Co2 into the atmosphere.

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