Water House

The project rapresent a point where the user (citizen) can dispense  purified water chilled with or without addition of carbon dioxide. The tap water is a precious public source, inexhaustible, controlled and secure.  The “Water House” as we call, is designed to make the natural water resources,  accessible to all. With creating  of distribution points with the ” Water House ” , citizens can avail of a public service in addition, they will have benefits on their savings and will create a further important link with their city hall. The “ Water House” is accessible to all (H24), procurement is simple: via a button you can choose and supply your preferred water, payment can be made by money or key rechargeable electronic in site. The water dispensed is extremely cheap. The filling of water, can take place using personal reusable containers, which do not require disposal. Inside the building there will be a technical room containing all the necessary machinery for the purification, cooling and carbonation of  water.


  • Mains drinking water
  • Connection to the sewerage system (the water not used)
  • Connection to the mains 230V – 50Hz (with system grounding)